Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baby Luna Frill Dress

Wow :)

Baby Luna Frill Dress made it in the "What's Hot Today" at Renderosity. I can not remember a day I've seen a product for kids there :)

Click on the images for larger view or click here to go to the product Page at Renderosity.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Making money with your images

You are an illustrator and/or love to make images and want to earn some really nice extra money with your images?

I highly recommend Shutterstock to you. I'm selling a lot of images there (7000+ at the moment) and I'm very satisfied with my earnings. In my opinion Shutterstock is one of the best stock agencies - maybe even the best. Easy uploading process and short testing time.

Just click on the banner below and check it out :) you have nothing to loose!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Maisie Gown and 10 Styles

A cute gown and 10 beautiful styles for Maisie are included in this set. Click here to have a look at the product page.

Tiggersprings did a beautiful additional free style for the dress :) Click here to go to the freebie page.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Coming soon for Dawn

Tested and ready for release end of May:

- Dawn Medieval Dress (additional plebejan styles from an other merchant will be available too)
- Dawn Spring Fashion

Both sets will be available exclusive at my Renderosity store.

Coming soon for Baby Luna

Tested and ready for release end of May :)

- Baby Luna Bathing Suit and 10 styles
- Baby Luna Bathing Suit Expansion with 14 additional styles
- Baby Luna Frilldress and 5 Styles

All three sets will be available exclusive at my Renderosity store.

Pauline Boho Dress - Teen Morph Expansion

Pauline Boho Dress - Teen Morph Expansion

For using this freebie you need to have the Boho Dress for Pauline:

and Pauline Teen:

- Load Pauline into the scene
- Load the dress into the scene
- Apply the teen morph to Pauline
- Click on the dress
- Double - click on "INJ Pauline Teen Fit" for the dress (they are in the same folder as the dress)
- Set the morph to "1" - The dress should fit Pauline Teen now :)

I usually don't make INJ and REM file for the clothes I sell. So if everythink works fine - it would be great if you take the time to leave a short comment under the freebie :)

Thanks in advance!!

Pauline Romantic Dress and free expansion